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Outsourcing your IT Support

23 December 2014

Get external help for your IT systems and network - and save your business time, effort and money.

All businesses are heavily reliant on their IT equipment. E-Mail and Internet connectivity to the office remain crucial services. Any issues with IT infrastructure costs your business time and money - which is why the source of IT Support is a very important decision for any company. Businesses with up to 25 employees have the tough decision on whether to outsource IT Support or employ internally for this role. Through our customers' experience, it is much more cost effective to outsource IT issues, getting a far better service and access to a wealth of experience, compared to a single internal resource.

Annual IT contracts will work out cheaper than the salary of an IT professional. Your own employee will also attract additional overheads such as costs for training and recruitment costs. You can also guarantee that the moment your employee heads off on his or her two week summer holiday there will be a critical IT problem! Outsourcing your IT Support to a specialist company, such as Oscura, gives you immediate access to a team of IT technicians that are available year round and have an understanding of a far wider range of technologies. Technology issues that you try to fix in-house can cause major headaches - if you can contact an external company for help then you can focus on your business and save your own time and cost.

If you prefer to keep some IT knowledge in-house then you do not have to outsource all of your IT support. You might find it works well to combine using an internal resource for basic IT tasks with an outsourced IT maintenance contract for the more technical or important issues. Oscura are very happy to supply technical details, as well as an overall summary, of all work completed and how your network or computer is configured. This solution can be used to compliment any existing IT skills your company has, and also be used for back-up for holiday or disaster cover.

When choosing a supplier for IT support it's worth considering your requirements. The supplier should always provide quick telephone support without having to wade through telephone systems and ticketing systems. Depending on any in-house skills it will almost definately be worth selecting a local provider that can attend your offices and look after both software and your hardware - including PCs, laptops, tablets and your network hardware such as switches, routers and firewalls. It's good dealing with a small provider that gets to know you and your IT systems personally.

Businesses that choose Oscura get access to an experienced team of IT professionals that can provide advice and fix problems both on the telephone and in person. When you call you'll talk to a real person immediately with no automated phone systems or ticket numbers. However, your IT support contract is carefully monitored and managed and we provide full reports on all work done and time taken.

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